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Formulated Solutions Factory, interior
Formulated Solutions specializes in small batch production of custom blended niche-market formulations in a wide range of viscosities, including liquids, pastes, and dry cement-based powders. Our particular expertise is in the realm of construction adhesives, coatings, mortars, acrylics and grouts, which our chemistry department has been developing, producing and packaging for thirty years. We are perfectly positioned to help you create new products, break down current formulations, improve existing products and bring your product to market.
Custom services:
• Produce and package your formulations
• Private label our own formulations for you
• Modify existing formulations, whether yours or ours
• Blend products ranging from liquids and pastes to dry cement-based powders and admixtures
• Customize packaging and labeling for you
Formulated Solutions stands ready to assist you with total blending, packaging and formulation services to meet your specific needs. The product development staff ensures consistent quality of all blends, from initial receipt of raw materials to final packaging. If you are looking to create new opportunities that can benefit from our chemical formulating expertise, whether to solve existing problems, develop new products or systems, or assist with product upgrades and conversions, please call us at 1 718 267 6380 ext 113.
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Dry powder packaging at our new facility in New York.
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Formulated Solutions LLC • 25-44 Borough Place • Woodside, NY 11377 • Tel 1 718 267 6380
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