Formulated Solutions excels at material design, and creates innovative solutions that
address current construction problems and new environmental regulations.

About Us

Formulated Solutions LLC was founded in 2001 by John Garuti Jr, who co-founded Super-Tek Products, Inc. in 1978. Now, with 35 years of hands-on experience in construction product formulation, manufacturing, packaging and distribution, Mr. Garuti heads both companies.

Formulated Solutions and Super-Tek produce a broad array of proprietary and private label construction products including quality adhesives, mortars and grouts for the ceramic tile and stone flooring industry, and thinset cement finishes, base coats, stuccos and acrylic wall finishes for exterior cladding systems. In 2008, the company completely rebuilt its facility in Woodside, New York to accommodate its corporate headquarters, research and development laboratory, manufacturing equipment and state-of-the-art warehouse capabilities.

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Formulated Solutions creates innovative solutions that address current construction problems and new environmental regulations. When architects and building owners sought a green alternative to acrylic finishes, Formulated Solutions developed a thinsetting cement finish, imbued it with new performance properties to produce a superior replacement for both acrylic and traditional stucco finishes. The result, patented TESS Thinset Exterior Surfacing System, is the only flexible cement finishing system for both EIFS and stucco installations. Formulated Solutions is the first company to:

• Produce zero-VOC, dry-powder architectural finishes to help resolve moisture entrapment and durability issues in EIFS installations

• Offer a low-VOC, water-based adhesive for rigid wall covering installations replacing solvent, difficult-to-use contact adhesives

• Package architectural finish coatings in paper bags instead of industry standard plastic pails

Formulated Solutions is committed to manufacturing excellence and innovation – and to sustainable building – with products designed to perform to the highest standards while minimizing environmental impact.

U.S. Green Building Council Member
National Association of Homebuilders