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Bestcoat Textured Masonry Coating is a high-build acrylic weatherproof coating that economically hides surface irregularities.

Available in 3 textures, 20 standard colors and custom tints, Bestcoat Textured Masonry Coating is ideal for finishing above-grade vertical and overhead surfaces on exterior or interior substrates including concrete, masonry, cement, plaster, stucco and EIFS. Revitalize time-worn walls or finish any new masonry wall quickly and easily with durable, rollable and sprayable Bestcoat Textured Masonry Coatings. For more demanding applications, use Bestcoat Elastomeric or Bestcoat Waterproof coatings.
Packaged in 5-gallon pails.

  • Rollable and sprayable for quick, easy application
  • Excellent hiding power - easily covers substrate imperfections
  • Flexible, chip and crack-resistant - keeps walls looking new
  • Resists wind driven rain - prevents water penetration into substrate
  • Breathable coating - allows water vapor to escape preventing peeling and blistering of film
  • Excellent color retention
  • Excellent adhesion - provides longterm durability
  • Water-based - safe, non-toxic, low VOCs
Green Friendly

Zero VOCs, zero solvents, lower embodied energy, reduced long-term care and environmental costs...

Sturdy & Flexible

Durable hybrid stucco finish is flexible, crack resistant and colorfast...

Resistant & Breathable

Repels water and dirt pickup while breathing 3 to 4 times more freely than acrylic finishes...


Non-toxic antimicrobial agent protects TESS Finish from mold, mildew and algae for more than 10 years...

U.S. Green Building Council Member
National Association of Homebuilders