XT2000+ Adhesive System for Rigid Vinyl Wall Covering


XT2000+ Adhesive is a high-strength adhesive with aggressive initial tack and permanent flexible bond that adheres rigid vinyl wall covering to a variety of substrates. XT-2000+ Adhesive is the next generation version of XT-2000 which has thousands of trouble free, time proven installations to its credit.
• Freeze-thaw stable
• One coat application reduces labor costs
• Wall covering can be repositioned during installation
• Water-based with no offensive odor
• Heat resistant to 150°F
• Spreads easily
• Non-flammable, minimal VOC content
• Easy, water clean-up
• Meets Class 1/A fire rating standards for .040 or thinner guage sheets

XT2000+ Primer is a water-based primer designed for sealing and priming wallboard and concrete block prior to applying XT-2000+ Adhesive to install rigid vinyl wall covering.
• Inhibits Polyvinyl Acetate (found in most joint compounds, low cost paints and sealers) from adversely reacting with the XT-2000+ Adhesive.
• Allows vinyl wall covering to be shifted or repositioned during the installation.
• Wall covering can be sized, trimmed, mounted and realigned without tearing the gypsum wallboard.
• Brush or roller application

U.S. Green Building Council Member
National Association of Homebuilders